What kinds of things does the Zoning Ordinance regulate?
The Zoning Ordinance establishes what activities are permitted in the Township as well as how buildings are placed on the land. Since not all activities are appropriate in all areas, the Ordinance divides the Township into zoning districts. There are currently nine different kinds of zoning districts in the Township: four for different densities of residential use; one that allows for a mix of compatible uses, including residential, commercial, and office uses; one for small-scale commercial use; one for office buildings and office parks; and two for different kinds of industrial uses. For each district, the Ordinance specifies what uses are permitted as well as how large the lots must be, the minimum distance required between buildings and the property lines, how much of the property must remain unbuilt and unpaved, and how tall buildings may be. Our Zoning Ordinance also includes extensive provisions for the protection and preservation of our historic resources.

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1. What kinds of things does the Zoning Ordinance regulate?
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