Trash & Recycling

Weekly Collections

Waste and recyclable materials are collected on Tuesdays. If a collection day falls on a holiday, collection will be made the next day. Have recyclables and waste at the curb by 6 a.m. of the collection day. West Whiteland Township strongly recommends that you put all trash/recycling curbside the night before. This will avoid "missed collections" due to the trucks driving by your home at times to which you are unaccustomed. Please keep the following in mind when placing trash and recycling at the curb:
  • Trash must be placed in official Township trash bags which are securely tied or sealed before being placed at the curb
  • Broken mirrors or non-recycling glass should be placed in a cardboard box and clearly labeled “Broken Glass” for the trash hauler to pick up.
  • Please do not place trash bags and recycling containers in the street for any reason!
  • All recycling must be placed in rigid wall containers. Recycling materials in plastic bags will not be collected. You can purchase WWT recycling bins at the Township building for $15.
Trash Bag Taped
Trash Bag Tied
recycling bin

Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Program

West Whiteland Township's PAYT program requires residents to purchase official Township trash bags to be picked up by the hauler. The Board of Supervisors adopted the program because it is cost effective and fair; people with more trash pay more. Additionally, it encourages recycling by charging a flat rate for recycling, while nonrecyclable waste can generate additional bag charges. 

Why the Township chose the Pay-As-You-Throw program


The Township practices dual stream recycling, in which residents separate their paper from the other recyclable materials, such as plastic and glass. While this requires a bit of extra effort, it creates cleaner recycling material, thus increasing it value and helping the environment.

Recycling guidelines for paper and commingled materials

Disposal Lists

Please take a look at the list below before discarding items in the trash. Many of these items can be repurposed, reducing the waste for your weekly collection and in our landfills. For items that cannot be recycled, information is given on how to dispose of this waste responsibly and safely.