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Request for Records Form

  1. Accident Reports

    If you are looking for an accident report, please do NOT complete this Right to Know form. Click here to request a copy of a crash (accident) report.

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  3. Attach business card if applicable.

  4. Property Owner
  5. Be clear and concise. Provide as much specific detail as possible, ideally including subject matter, time frame, and type of record or party names. RTKL requests should seek records, not ask questions. Requesters are not required to explain why the records are sought or the intended use of the records unless otherwise required by law.

  6. Do you want to inspect the records?
  7. Do you want copies?
  8. If Yes, instructions for delivery of requested records
  9. Do you want certified copies of records?
  10. We will provide you the records requested or a notification that your request has been denied within five business days

    Please allow five business days from the date that you submit the form before following up on your request with us.

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