What is needed for submittal of a new residential building, addition, or renovation?

Completed permit application (complete all trade sections that apply such as building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc.) 

Identify all contractors and include a certificate of worker’s compensation and liability insurance for each contractor. West Whiteland Township must be listed as a certificate holder on each certificate.

Plot (Site) plan- show all existing structures and impervious coverage on the property. Include lot size in square feet if known. Include dimensions for all existing structures. Show proposed improvements with dimensions and set back measurements to each property line (front, rear and both sides) 

Completed REScheck (Energy audit showing building envelope performance, energy use, loss, etc.) Free software program can be downloaded from the Department of Energy’s website. 

Construction drawings - one hard copy set and one electronic set. Drawings must include footer/foundation, floor system, wall system, ceiling/roof system, plumbing, electrical and mechanical details. 

NOTE: Structural drawings for proposed structures more that one story above grade must be sealed by a PA registered architect or engineer

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5. What is needed for submittal of a new residential building, addition, or renovation?
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