Signs and Sign Permits

West Whiteland Township is committed to preserving and enhancing the appearance of our community and the quality of life we all enjoy. Sign regulations support that effort. 

Our sign regulations are in Article XVII of the Zoning Ordinance. Business and property owners should review the code and contact the Planning and Zoning Department or the Permits and Inspections Department prior to buying or erecting any sign. Please note that this Article includes both general regulations AND additional regulations applicable to specific zoning districts. Almost all signs require a permit. For assistance or more information, please call 610-363-9525.  

Prohibited Signs 

The Township prohibits signs that may be a hazard to public safety by being distracting, obstructive, or confusing to drivers. Specific examples include flashing, animated, or moving signs (including animations on an LED panel); signs that emit smoke, vapor, or noise; and signs that may be confused with traffic signals or signs. Also, except for duly permitted billboards, signs for stores and other businesses are only allowed on the property where they are located. 

Yard (AKA “bandit) signs and feather flag signs are not allowed and are subject to removal by the Township. Whenever possible, Township staff will reach out to the business first to request that you remove the sign yourself. 

The complete list of prohibited sign types is in Section 325-95.J of the Zoning Ordinance.

Feather flag and "bandit" signs are not allowed.

Unpermitted signs website

Signs That Do NOT Require a Permit

While the great majority of signs require a permit, there are some exceptions. The complete list of exempted signs is in Section 325-95.K of the Zoning Ordinance, but these are the most common: 

  • Street names and/or address numbers smaller than two square feet on buildings, mailboxes, or elsewhere on a property
  • Signs not larger than two square feet stating, “Private Property”, “No Hunting”, “No Trespassing”, and similar messages
  • Temporary signs announcing that the property is for sale or lease; temporary signs naming a contractor working on the property; temporary signs announcing a garage sale or yard sale on the property; and temporary signs related to a candidate or issue in an upcoming election. Please note that there are limits on the size of the sign and on how long it may be in place. 
  • Signs placed or required by a government agency
  • Emergency warning signs placed by a contractor or utility company
  • Flags of the United States or any other political jurisdiction up to 60 square feet on a flagpole up to 35 feet tall
  • Directional signs in parking lots, inside buildings, and other areas not visible to the public
  • Seasonal and holiday decorations, provided they do not create a traffic or fire hazard
  • Change to the text of a changeable copy sign, such as a bulletin board, permanent display case, or marquee

Please note that this is NOT a comprehensive list. Also, illuminated signs will require an electrical permit. 

Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits are issued by the Township Officials.  Signs related to special events may be permitted as a type of “temporary sign” under Section 325-95.L of the Zoning Ordinance.  For inquiries, please call 610-363-9525.