Priorities & Initiatives

Mission Statement

The mission of West Whiteland Township is to provide high-quality, cost-effective local government services that prioritize safety, sustainability and quality of life

Priorities and Services - What we do and why we do it

Strengthening community resilience and connections

  • pioneering recycling program to reduce waste and control costs
  • well-maintained local roads, sewer and storm water infrastructure
  • development regulation to support family-friendly neighborhoods
  • planning and projects for multi-modal transportation connections
  • work towards the Ready for 100 goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050
  • open space and recreation network to play, exercise and learn outdoors
Fostering a sense of place around Exton Crossroads
  • proactive community engagement and public outreach>
  • historic preservation to deepen community identity
  • using Development by Design to build a vision for Exton Crossroads' evolving look and feel
  • zoning to guide vibrant mixed-use, bike/pedestrian-friendly redevelopment around Exton Crossroads

Maintaining public safety

  • effective police protection and services to community​
  • police/community interactions to build partnerships and trust​
  • support the Resolution for Social Justice through quality police protection to people of all races and striving to eliminate systemic racism and bigotry​
  • traffic safety to reduce serious motor vehicle crashes and facilitate pedestrian safety​
  • support for local fire and ambulance companies and attention to fire prevention

Delivering reliable administrative services

  • support the Resolution for Social Justice through continuing education to add to staff’s understanding about, and skills to overcome, systemic racism and implicit bias ​
  • skilled staff with resources, training and encouragement to meet high standards​
  • sound financial planning to keep costs manageable and services reliable​
  • professional systems to stay on top of requirements and best practices​
  • streamlined processes to meet the needs of constituents and co-workers​
  • responsive and friendly customer service