Traffic Improvement Projects

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Keva Drive

Keva Flats: A new road between Waterloo Boulevard and Lincoln Highway was constructed and sidewalks were added on Lincoln Highway and Waterloo Boulevard.  

Waterloo Extension

Waterloo Reserve: Waterloo Boulevard was extended to Lincoln Highway with sidewalks and trail. Sidewalks were added on Whitford Road and two traffic signals were upgraded.

WWT Ship Rd Couplet Map aerial

Ship Road Couplet: New southbound lane between Lincoln Highway and the Route 30 Bypass. More information.

King Rd light

Reserve at Glen Loch: Two new traffic signals installed: King Road and Phoenixville Pike; King Road and Dunwoody Drive.

Rte 100 traffic overhead 2

A traffic mitigation study identified and evaluated options for improving the congestion along Rte. 100 by the Exton train station. The final recommendation includes various intersection improvements and adding a new northbound lane between the US Route 30 Bypass intersection and the point where Pottstown Pike merges with PA Route 100. Read more about the Route 100 traffic congestion project.

Primrose Daycare: New thru lane on Whitford Road between Lincoln Highway and Waterloo Boulevard on Lincoln Highway. (appx. 500 feet). Primrose will construct the portion that abuts their lot – which is about half the total length. The Township will build the rest using 209 fees collected from other projects.

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Cost to Taxpayers? $0

Since the enactment of the transportation impact (Act 209) fee in 2015, the Township has collected nearly $750,000 to be used for projects to mitigate the impact of new development. At present, the Township is holding those funds in order to accumulate sufficient capital to match funds for future projects.

Development by Design Logo

In lieu of the transportation impact fee, developers may choose to construct the improvements themselves, as is the case with the projects mentioned above. The developer works with the Township to derive a plan that satisfies the requirements laid out in the Act 209 plan. In some cases, the cost of the improvements actually exceed the fee amount, in which case the public benefit is even higher than it would have been under plan stipulations.

Transportation Impact Fee

In November 2015, the Township adopted the Transportation Impact Fee Ordinance to allow the Township to collect funds from developers to assist in the financing of specified transportation improvements necessitated by the development within the specified area of the Exton Crossroads.

In order to gain an accurate picture of future growth and guide recommendations, the Township commissioned the following studies:

Planning for Growth

The resulting  was the transportation Capital Improvements Plan, which outlines projects for which the transportation impact fee may be assessed. These projects will improve the flow of traffic and thus provide a public benefit.