Clean Energy Plan

As part of the West Chester Area Council of Governments (COG) West Whiteland Township has partnered with East Goshen, West Goshen, East Bradford, Westtown and West Chester Borough to develop a strategy to meet the following long term targets:

100% renewable electricity by the year 2035

100% renewable energy by the year 2050

The municipalities collectively hired The Cadmus Group to complete a study on the feasibility, costs and opportunities of a renewable energy transition, and to create a long-term, actionable roadmap to realizing the community's goals.


The advisory group from COG met with Cadmus to finalize the scope of work and the project timeline. Cadmus conducted intake interviews with advisory group members and external stakeholders. The consultant also developed and updated the West Chester Area Renewable Energy Transition Project website.

A Community Visioning Workshop was held at the West Whiteland Township building on July 11, 2019. Area residents provided input on local priorities around clean energy, as well as implementation challenges that our region may face. Read the summary of findings.

Cadmus has compiled a list of strategy options for the electricity, transportation and building sectors and will conduct a barriers and opportunity assessment.

Research conducted and data collected on current energy sources and energy demands across each community for an initial draft of the baseline Policy Impact Model. The following are in progress for the model:

  • Incorporate parts of the Greenhouse Gas Calculator into the baseline model. 
  • Incorporate policy levers into model.  
  • Model expected impacts of various policy actions and scenarios.
  • Conduct a wedge analysis demonstrating progress towards 100% renewable energy goal of each policy scenario. 

Cadmus is developing the finalized Renewable Energy Transition Plan for the West Chester area. 

What Can I Do to Help?

Learn more about renewable energy and keep these tips in mind:

  • Look for ways to conserve energy at home, and while driving, to help reduce overall demand for energy, regardless of its source.
  • Look for options to select your source of electric generation from a renewable energy company.
  • Support local and state efforts to pursue renewable energy initiatives for our municipalities.

The above tips are courtesy of resident and student Matthew Dakin. Check out his outdoor science center at Boot Road Park. A renewable energy display is coming soon!

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