Spotted Lantern Fly

Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) Quick Facts

  • SLF is a destructive invasive pest, threatening agricultural, timber, and ornamental industries, and the plants in your backyard.
  • SLF is currently under quarantine in 13 counties in Pennsylvania.
  • SLF does not bite or sting.
  • Stop the spread of SLF by checking your car and any outdoor equipment (grills, mowers, firewood, etc.) when going in and out of the quarantine zone. 
  • Manage SLF on your property by scraping eggs, banding trees, removing the favored host (tree-of-heaven), and using chemical control when appropriate.


Checklist - How to keep spotted lanternfly from spreading - from PA Dept. of Agriculture

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Spotted Lantern Fly  Management (1)
Spotted Lantern Fly  Management (2)
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Spotted Lantern Fly New Sticky Bands

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