Ship Road Couplet


The proposed Ship Road Couplet and mixed-use development were presented at the Township’s Planning Commission Meeting on February 5, 2019. Township staff, the Township’s traffic engineer (Traffic Planning and Design) and the developers presented to more than 100 members of the public and the Planning Commission, highlighting local and regional housing development, the Couplet and its functionality and the proposed development options at Ship Road and Lincoln Highway. View the presentation.

At their next meeting on May 22 at 6:30 pm, the Board of Supervisors will consider adopting amendments to the Zoning and the Subdivision and Land Development ordinances to allow for development of the properties at Ship Rd. and Lincoln Hwy. 

Read the proposed zoning amendment.

If the BOS decides not to amend the zoning ordinance, then the Township expects that new development plans would be prepared and submitted for the properties pursuant to the Township’s current zoning regulations, which allow for apartments, townhouses and office buildings. In that case, developers would be required to pay a transportation impact fee to the Township to pay for future projects in the capital improvement plan, but the Ship Road Couplet and trail would not be constructed at this time.

If you have questions about development in the Township, please contact John Weller at or call 610-363-9525, x3213.

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WWT Ship Rd Couplet Map aerial

What is the Proposed Development?

The development proposals consist of the following:

  • Three retail buildings, including WaWa (Entenmann’s site)
  • 90 small lot single-family homes and 60 townhomes (Laborer's site)

Both developers would need the Board of Supervisors (BOS) to approve amendments to the Township’s zoning ordinance (or a “rezoning”) to move ahead with their projects. 


Two adjacent properties near the intersection of Ship Road and Lincoln Highway – the former Entenmann’s site and the back half of the Laborer’s District Council Training Center property – are for sale. Two developers have the properties under agreement and each has submitted plans for development. The developers also are proposing to work together to construct an extensive improvement to that intersection known as the “Ship Road Couplet” that is called for in the Township’s transportation capital improvement plan. A Traffic Impact Study was completed in December 2018 for the Couplet's south quadrant to examine the proposed development.

What is the Ship Road Couplet?

The Ship Road Couplet consists of one new lane for Ship Road that would wind behind (and to the west of) Ship Inn north of Lincoln Highway and behind St. Mary’s Chapel and down past Service King south of Lincoln Highway. It also includes a bike and pedestrian trail that would connect the existing Chester Valley Trail (CVT) by Ship Road to the end of the Laborer’s property near the Route 30 bypass. Ultimately, this would connect to the out-of-service Norfolk Southern freight line when it becomes the CVT extension in the future.

If the developers' plans progress, the developers would build the road and trail south of Lincoln Highway. The Township would seek grants and use matching funds accumulated through transportation impact fees from development to build the road and trail north of Lincoln Highway.