Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan reassesses the overall vision of West Whiteland Township as it relates to walking and biking in the Township.

At their meeting June 12, 2019, the West Whiteland Township Board of Supervisors adopted the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan as an amendment to the Township Comprehensive Plan. 

bike route

Based on analysis from Township staff and volunteers, and extensive public input, this Plan recommends actions, challenges, strategies and desired outcomes associated with projects to improve the overall bicycle and pedestrian network for the Exton Crossroads and the entire Township. The plan is organized into six sections:

  • Overview and purpose 
  • Existing Conditions (demographics, economic conditions, housing, transportation, land use and community facilities)
  • Public survey results
  • Priority projects, based on public opinion and feasibility
  • Plan recommendations
  • Plan implementation – funding sources and action steps

Purpose of the Plan

As an amendment to the Township’s Comprehensive Plan, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is designed to identify opportunities to create a safe and accessible bike and pedestrian circulation network. More specifically, the Plan identifies projects to improve the walkability and bikeability between Exton’s neighborhoods, local destinations, transit and regional trails.

Benefits of an Improved Bike and Pedestrian Network

The proposed bicycle and pedestrian network will provide Township residents and other users the ability to access various destinations safely by foot or bike. Moreover, the improved network will become a valuable community resource that creates increased recreational activity, quality of life benefits, an alternative commuter mode and economic growth and opportunities. 

BPP FINAL Connections Map