Save Water - and Money!

Help Reduce Township Sewer Costs

West Whiteland Township pays for the pumping and treatment of each gallon that enters the Township’s sanitary sewer system. We ask that you partner with the Township in reducing sewer costs by eliminating any extraneous flow into the sanitary sewer system. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email the Public Works Department.

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  • Please do not direct water from your down spouts or sump pumps into the sewer system 
  • Repair or replace any damaged stacks in your lawn
  • Leaky toilets, sinks, showers, etc. can add gallons daily, so please consider repairing or replacing any leaking fixtures. This will also save money on your water bill. 

Tips for Saving Water

Visually inspect the pipes in your home and look for any tell-tale water marks on walls or ceilings.

Check the pressure relief valve on your water heater.

Check outside hose bibs and other above ground water lines.

Listen for toilets that continue to flow water. Detect silent leaks using a dye tablet or leak detector fluid.

Replace leaky drain plugs in sinks and bathtubs. Repair shower head and tub faucets as needed. Consider purchasing a low flow shower head.

Check hoses and connections on clothes and dish washing machines.

When going on vacation, consider turning your water off to avoid costly incidents in your absence.

For more information on these tips and other water-saving tips, please visit the following resources:

Daytona Beach pamphlet: Where Does All That Water Go?

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