Role of WWT

The Role of West Whiteland Township in the Mariner East Pipeline Project

Why hasn’t West Whiteland stopped Sunoco from converting Mariner East 1 to natural gas liquids (NGLs) or from building Mariner East 2 in our community?  

Because West Whiteland Township did not have any regulatory authority over the repurposing of Mariner East 1 and has not had any regulatory authority over Sunoco’s proposed construction of Mariner East 2. West Whiteland Township does not have enforcement or regulatory authority over the location of underground transmission pipelines, or whether a pipeline is constructed by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) or open trench construction, or the type of product that will flow through the new pipelines or any of the existing pipelines. To the extent there are regulations for underground transmission pipeline siting, methods of construction or use, they are enforced by federal and state agencies.

At the same time, the Township takes seriously our responsibility to inform and educate our residents and businesses. The Board of Supervisors invited the community to a public listening session on February 14, 2108, with more sessions to follow and hosted a public meeting on March 19th for the public to ask questions of state regulators. To receive announcements about future meetings, join our eNews mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

DEP comments:

On May 11, 2018, West Whiteland submitted comments about modifications Sunoco has requested for erosion and sedimentation control permits issued by the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

Letter of support:

On June 1, 2018, the BOS submitted a letter to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in support of Senator Dinniman’s emergency petition and complaint against Sunoco and asking the PUC to uphold the Administrative Law Judge’s Order suspending Mariner East operations and construction.