Pipeline Safety

What Can I Do?

There are many tools in place to alert you to potential hazards, help to prevent pipeline leaks and report any concerning observations. Additionally, our Township and County first responders receive annual hazmat training to respond to incidents involving natural gas, natural gas liquids and many other types of hazards.

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Create your safety profile to give 911 the details to help you fast

Smart 911

Call Before You Dig

Call Pennsylvania 811 at least a three days before you start any digging or excavation project. Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging (and compliance with state law) means calling 811 before each job.Call 811

Call 911 in the Event of an Emergency

If you smell or hear gas outside that you think may come from a leak, walk away and call 911. 

First responders from West Whiteland Fire Company, along with other local fire companies, and Chester County’s Hazardous Materials Response Team are well trained and respond to all pipeline emergencies. 

In an emergency, first responders will make decisions about evacuations, shelter in place and other actions that the people involved need to take. These decisions will be made quickly and communicated using various means, including reverse 911 phone calls to publicly listed home and business landlines; ReadyChesCo notifications to publicly listed home and business landlines, registered cell phones (by phone or text) and registered email addresses; and knocking on doors.

If anyone in an evacuation area has set up a Smart 911 profile that indicates a need for assistance (such as a physical disability, medical issue, etc.), emergency responders will receive that information and go to those homes to assist as necessary.

Activate government alerts on your phone

Anyone with a smart phone should activate settings for government alerts to receive emergency information based upon your location.  With that setting turned on, you will receive an alert if you near the area of an emergency event. Check your iPhone or Android for emergency, public safety or government alerts.

More information about pipeline leaks and pipeline markers

For more information about an emergency pipeline response, review Chester County Department of Emergency Services’ Pipeline Response Information Sheet.

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