Trail Improvements

Improvements along the Chester Valley Trail (CVT)

Recent improvements have been implemented to the Chester Valley Trail, and several projects are in progress for the near future:

Since the CVT crossing of Ship Road was opened, several improvements have been made to the crossing. These include replacement of the overhead flashing beacons with larger, more prominent yellow lights and new pedestrian crossing warning signs on the poles adjacent to the trail. Additionally, infrared detection devices were installed that will detect trail users approaching the intersection and automatically turn on the flashing lights.  

Please remember, pedestrians are required to stop at all street crossings.  Push the button for the crosswalk indicators and only cross the road when facing a white walk indicator, and after verifying that cars have stopped.

Future Trail Improvements

CVT Crossing of Pottstown Pike (Rt. 100)  

Chester County Facilities Department is progressing plans to create a crosswalk for the CVT crossing across Rt. 100 along the south side of the intersection. This new crosswalk will allow trail users to continue straight along the trail (after yielding to traffic of course). Currently, in order to cross Rt. 100, a trail user needs to cross three legs of the Rt. 100/Commerce Drive intersection.  

New Multi-use Path from the Chester Valley Trail to the Exton Train Station

Plans are underway for the much needed multi-use bike and pedestrian path from the Chester Valley Trail to the Exton Train Station. The trail will begin at the intersection of Commerce Drive and Rt. 100 and will proceed along the west side of Rt. 100 and under the 30 Bypass. ADA compliant pedestrian crossings, complete with curb ramps and pedestrian signals, will be provided at the intersection of Rt. 100 and the eastbound 30 Bypass ramps. This multi-use path from the CVT to the train station will provide a safer and more suitable route for use by pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Presently, PennDOT is reviewing plans, and construction is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2018. Funding for the project is being provided by the Wolfson Group (owners of Main Street at Exton) as well as a PennDOT multi-modal grant and Township funds.

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CVT to train station 800 pix

CVT to Oaklands Corporate Center 

Design is underway on Phase IVa , the final portion of the former rail line to be converted to trail use. It will extend west from the current terminus along Commerce Drive in Main Street at Exton to the Oaklands Corporate Center in Exton. A major element of this phase  includes a new pedestrian bridge over South Whitford Road. Plans have been submitted to PennDOT for approval, and coordination with utilities is ongoing. Construction is anticipated to start in the summer of 2018.

CVT Extension to Downingtown  

The Chester County Planning Commission (CCPC) has completed a study to extend the Chester Valley Trail from Exton to Downingtown. The study evaluated two predetermined alignments. One is the alignment identified in the Central Chester County Bicycle and Pedestrian Circulation Plan, published by the CCPC in 2013. The second alignment is the inactive Philadelphia/Thorndale railroad corridor currently owned by the Norfolk Southern Corporation which parallels the existing Amtrak / Septa tracks. The trail extension also will provide connections to the Struble and East Branch Brandywine Trails.  

Proposed Expansions to CVT