Route 100 Traffic Congestion

The Study

In 2018 the Township completed a congestion mitigation study for Pottstown Pike (PA Route 100), between Boot Road and the US Route 30 Bypass. Township Supervisors, staff and a study advisory committee (SAC) made up of local residents, property owners and regional agencies worked on the study to identify means of alleviating congestion and improving mobility along the PA Route 100 corridor by the Exton train station.

The SAC and the project consultant, McMahon Associates, identified and evaluated multiple options for improving the corridor. The final recommendation includes various intersection improvements and adding a new northbound lane between the US Route 30 Bypass intersection and the point where Pottstown Pike merges with PA Route 100.  

Rte 100 traffic overhead 2

The Improvement Project

Because Route 100 is a state road, Township officials needed PennDOT to embrace the project for it to move forward. PennDOT quickly did so, submitting a grant application for engineering and permitting for the additional northbound lane. The bad news is that, even if the grant is awarded, it could take up to five years before the lane is ready for construction, given the protracted amount of time necessary to comply with all federal and state permitting regulations. The good news is that the congestion mitigation study was successful in leapfrogging this project ahead of many other transportation projects in the region and getting at the front of the line for PennDOT support and funding.

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