Broken Vent Cap

If you have a sewer vent with a mushroom type cap in your yard that allows sewer gases to vent out rather than enter your home, you should be aware that these vents are very important and should not be removed and replaced with a tight-fitting cap. If the cap or the vertical stack pipe is broken, it should be repaired immediately, as it will allow extraneous water to enter the sanitary sewer line and cause more sewage at the plant. This causes increased sewer costs. Let’s keep our sewer rates down by keeping all extraneous water out of the sewer lines. Further, should the cap break, a replacement can be purchased at a local plumbing supply, hardware store, or home center. The Township does not provide the cap.

How a Sewer Vent Should Look

sewer vent good cropped

Broken Sewer Vent

sewer vent bad cropped