Sewage Blockage

West Whiteland Township is responsible for the sanitary sewer mains, which are located underneath most streets in the Township, as well as the sewer lateral which runs from the sewer main back to the approximate edge of paving. 

Should you have a sewer blockage with sewage coming out of your vent, please call the Township office at 
484-875-6020. We will, at no fee, come out and investigate the blockage. At that point, we will also check to make sure the blockage is not in our sanitary sewer line. If it is in the Township’s sewer line (mains or lateral) we will have the blockage cleared. 

Although the Township will check your sewer problem, there are times that it will be your responsibility to have any blockage/problem cleared. If the blockage is beyond the edge of paving (i.e. on your lawn) and we cannot clear the blockage it will be up to you, the property owner, to contract with a Registered Master Plumber or certified plumbing company to have it cleared.

Jet Truck 300
The Public Works crew uses the jet truck to clean sewer pipes with high pressure water and root cutting.