Pay-As-You-Throw Program

Residents who use West Whiteland Township's trash and recycling collection participate in a “Pay As You Throw" (PAYT) program. These households pay an annual fee of $89 to the Township for curbside pick-up of trash and recycling. Additionally, PAYT members buy special West Whiteland Township trash bags. All non-recyclable items must be placed in these bags to be collected. Recyclable items go in sturdy-sided bins or totes.

One page summary of PAYT, with information for new residents.

How Do I Know if I Participate in the PAYT Program? 

  • If you own a single-family home, you are on the PAYT program and follow the guidelines posted on this website.
  • If you live in an apartment, you are NOT on the PAYT program. Check with your property management.
  • If you live in a townhome, you may or may not be on the PAYT program. Call or email the Township to see if your address is part of the program.
  • If others on your street are using WWT trash bags, you are on the PAYT program.

Why Pay-As-You-Throw

The Board of Supervisors considered many factors when choosing the PAYT program.

PAYT is Cost Effective & Fair

With traditional solid waste collection programs, residents pay a set fee, regardless of how much or how little trash they generate. Under the PAYT program, households that dispose of more trash pay a proportionally higher fee. The program also boasts the lowest cost per resident, when compared with all of our neighboring municipalities.

PAYT Promotes Recycling

Everything in the trash bags is automatically headed to the landfill. Using the township trash bags encourages residents to think twice before placing items in the trash. We do need to be careful of contamination; mixing non-recyclables with "clean" recyclables can damage the entire load. 

Residents Asked for PAYT

In two comprehensive surveys distributed to all residents in 2019 and 2022, the majority of residents on the PAYT program replied that they would like the program to continue.