Update on Tax Collection Dates

The discounted payment period for West Whiteland 2020 real estate tax has been extended until June 30, 2020. The extension is for property owners who pay their taxes directly to West Whiteland Township. There is no extension for property taxes paid by a mortgage company on behalf of an owner.

Keystone Collections, the appointed tax collector for all Chester County municipalities and school districts, has extended the filing deadline for 2019 local earned income tax returns and first quarter 2020 estimate payments to align with the federal filing deadline of July 15. Keystone will not apply penalty and interest on tax year 2019 final return payments nor first quarter 2020 estimates until after July 15, 2020. For more information or to file your 2019 local earned income tax returns, visit

Tax Collection

West Whiteland charges real estate, earned income, local services and real estate transfer taxes. Your tax payments go into the Township’s general fund, which pays for day-to-day operations of the Township. Services such as park maintenance, snow removal, street resurfacing and police services are just a few examples of how your tax dollars are spent.

Real Estate Tax

Keystone Collections Group handles all aspects of West Whiteland’s real estate tax collection, including responding to your questions. Feel free to contact Keystone directly regarding any questions about your tax bill, including how to pay it. 

  • Bill mailed to property owners on February 1, 2020
  • Pay by April 30, 2020 June 30, 2020 (deadline extended*) to get a 2% discount
  • Full amount due June 30, 2020

* The extension is for property owners who pay their taxes directly to West Whiteland Township. There is no extension for property taxes paid by a mortgage company on behalf of an owner.”

The tax bill is computed by multiplying the millage (or tax) rate, set by the West Whiteland Board of Supervisors, with the assessed value of the property, set by Chester County.  Mills are the amount each property is taxed per $1,000 of assessed value.

West Whiteland’s millage rate for 2020 is 0.714 mills. 

To calculate your tax bill, use the following formula:
Assessed value  x   Mills   /   1,000

Please note, if you escrow funds with your mortgage lender, then your lender may pay your Township real estate tax from those funds. Check with your lender if you are not sure.

Delinquent Real Estate Taxes

Annual Township real estate taxes are due by June 30 of the year. Payments not received by December 31 of the year are considered delinquent and, in accordance with law, sent to the Chester County Tax Claim Bureau for collection and placement of a lien. The Township is not permitted to collect delinquent taxes. 

During the month of January each year, the Chester County Tax Claim Bureau sets up its system to accept delinquent payments. The Bureau cannot take delinquent payments while it is setting up its system. Once the system set-up is complete, typically in the beginning of February, the Bureau will mail a letter to each delinquent taxpayer with the amount due. Please wait for that letter to pay your delinquent taxes to ensure you pay the correct amount. Your check for delinquent taxes will be made out to “Chester County Tax Claim Bureau” rather than the Township.

For more details regarding payment of delinquent taxes, visit the Tax Claim Bureau’s website.

Tax Certifications

Keystone Collections Group can provide 2019 and 2020 tax certifications and bill copies, along with answering questions related to your West Whiteland property tax bill. If you need to estimate the bill, please note the millage rate for 2019 was 0.719 mills. The millage rate for 2020 is 0.714 mills

The Chester County Tax Claim Bureau can issue Tax Certifications for 2018 and prior. You can submit a request online, in person or by mail.

Earned Income Tax (EIT)

Every person who lives in West Whiteland Township (WWT) and is employed must pay the Earned Income Tax (EIT) at a rate of 1%, which then is split between West Whiteland and the West Chester Area School District. Employers in WWT are required to withhold the EIT on behalf of their employees, regardless of where the employee lives. 

Taxing EntityWWT ResidentsWork in WWT/
live in other munic. w/o EIT
Work in WWT/
live in other munic. w/ EIT
West Whiteland Township0.5%1.0%0%
West Chester Area School District0.5%0%0%
Total EIT Rate1.0%1.0%0%

If you do not have earned income tax withheld from your wages or are self-employed, you are required to report and remit earned income tax quarterly to Keystone Collections Group, the earned income tax collector for all municipalities in Chester County, including West Whiteland. 

The due dates for EIT filings are as follows: 

  • Q1 (January 1 through March 31) - due April 30 extended to July 15 (see Update note at the top of the page)
  • Q2 (April 1 through June 30) - due July 31 
  • Q3 (July 1 through September 30) - due October 31
  • Q4 (October 1 through December 31) - due January 31

Penalty and interest will be assessed if you fail to file in a timely manner. 

The PSD Code for West Whiteland Township is 151206.

If you have questions concerning the filing of this tax return or the quarterly filing requirement, please contact Keystone Collections Group at 1-866-539-1100.

Local Services Tax (LST)

Every person who works in West  Whiteland Township (WWT) and earns more than $12,000/year pays the local service tax (LST) of $52/year. Every employer in WWT is required to withhold the LST on behalf of their employees and remit payment to Keystone Collections Group.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

The real estate transfer tax is paid at closing when a property is sold. The buyer and seller each pay 1% of the total sale price (resulting in a total transfer tax rate of 2%). The overall allocation of the tax is as follows:

West Whiteland Township0.5%
West Chester Area School District0.5%
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania1.0%
Total Transfer Tax Rate2.0%

County and School District Real Estate Taxes