Public Works - Roads, Sewer & Stormwater

Operations During Covid-19 Restrictions

The Public Works Department will be performing essential tasks using the prescribed safety precautions, including social distancing and wearing face masks. 

We will announce updated timelines for the following projects as more information becomes available. 

National Public Works Week May 17-23, 2020

May 17-23 is the American Public Works Association (APWA) National Public Works Week. This year’s theme, "The Rhythm of Public Works," illustrates that a community is a symphony of essential services, working in concert to create a great place to live. Every community has a rhythm, a heartbeat that reflects its essence and tempo of life. We would like to recognize our own Public Works Department for all of the daily services they provide and the essential work that they do.

Department Duties

 Routine and seasonal activities include maintenance and repair of the following:
  • Roads, storm inlets and traffic signs, including sight distance and weather-related issues, on the Township's 67 miles of roads
  • Sewer collection system and 100 miles of pipe infrastructure
  • Over 400 acres of parkland and related structures in eleven parks
  • Township-owned facilities such as the Township building, pump stations and garage
  • Township vehicles and equipment

Issues and Concerns

The most efficient way to report an issue with the Township's roads, parks, facilities or sewer system is to log your concern into our automated Citizen Request Tracker. This will notify the appropriate staff members, who can evaluate the issue and keep you aware of the status. You may also call the Department at 484-875-6020 or email
Call 811

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