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The West Whiteland Traffic Safety Unit

The West Whiteland Traffic Safety Unit currently is comprised of two officers. Officers have attended the 80 hour training certification in the North American Driver-Vehicle Inspection Course and are recognized by the State of Pennsylvania as Commonwealth Employees, for purposes of conducting safety inspections. This training must be up-dated annually by attending classes sponsored by the State and other outside agencies.
Marc and Joe D T20-T34

Defects in Vehicles

Due to the large volume of commercial truck traffic traveling on the major routes through the Township on a daily basis, the Unit has performed inspections that have found defects in the vehicles which have placed many of them out of service. Some of the defects include bad tires, brakes out of adjustment, broken frames, unsecured loads and drivers not maintaining proper certifications and log books. In addition to the inspections, Officers are certified Weigh Masters through the PA Department of Agriculture, allowing for the weighing of vehicles by use of Haenni portable scales. The Department currently utilizes seven sets of portable scales, purchased in 1991.

Traffic Studies

In addition to the above, the Unit conducts traffic studies for areas needing traffic enforcement, as well as traffic flows for anticipated Township development. The Unit also investigates more serious accidents and prepares the required reports and diagrams. Several Officers in the Department have additional training in the use of the Total Station, which assists in scaled accident and crime scene diagramming. Currently a Unit Officer is in the process of receiving additional accident investigation training, which will allow the Department to have accident reconstruction capability.

Certified PA Inspection Mechanics

The Unit's Officers are both certified PA Inspection Mechanics which aid in post-accident and Vehicle Code Inspection violation enforcement. The Unit currently utilizes a Laser Labs Tint Meter to enforce window sun screen requirements. The Unit's goal is to utilize all available training to be able to provide programs that ensure safe travel for the residents and commuting public which use the roadways in the Township on a daily basis.