Township Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the Township’s long-range policy plan developed in accordance with Article 3 of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. It establishes the Township’s overall vision along with more detailed goals, objectives, and strategies for the following areas:

  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Conservation and Open Space
  • Community Facilities
  • Utilities
  • Environmental Protection

The plan contains maps, charts, and text to document trends and issues and makes recommendations for the future of the Township. The Township Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing  the Comprehensive Plan on a regular basis and updating it when necessary. The Comprehensive Plan was updated on March 31, 2015, with the adoption of “The Lincoln Highway and Whitford Road Corridors Plan” . It was most recently updated on July 12, 2019 when the Board of Supervisors adopted "The Township Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan" as an amendment to the Plan.