Fire Safety

The Code Administration Department handles building, zoning and fire safety complaints. The department also conducts fire prevention inspections of non-residential and commercial properties, provides fire safety training as requested and conducts life safety inspections of rental properties within the Township.

Fire Safety Trainings

Fire Extinguisher Training

Frie Extinguisher

Evacuation Planning & Procedures

Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Drill Training

fire drill

In addition to the corporate trainings above, the Township can also provide the following services:

  • Act as a point of contact for other resources such as EMS training, crime prevention, active shooter training and others.
  • Issue letters to businesses to satisfy other regulatory agencies such as DPW, PA health department and insurance agencies.

If you are interested in hosting a training or have questions about fire safety programs, please email our Fire Marshal, Don Stiteler.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Install and maintain smoke detector. Smoke detectors warn you of a fire in time to let you escape. Install them on each level of your home and outside of each sleeping area. Follow the manufacturer's directions and test them once a week. Replace batteries once a year or when the detector chirps to signal that the battery is dead. Do not borrow them for other uses!
  • Know how to use your fire extinguisher. Use the PASS method. Pull the pin. Aim the nozzle. Squeeze the lever fully. Sweep the nozzle from side to side.
  • Plan and practice your escape. Know your way out! Have a plan and stick to it. With your family, plan two ways out of every room. Fire escape routes must not include elevators, which might take you right to the fire. Choose a meeting place outside where everyone will gather. Once you are out, stay out! At least twice a year, have the whole family practice the escape plan.
  • First: Get Out. By planning ahead you can do a lot to prevent a fire. But once a fire starts in your home, there are only two things to do: first get out, then call the fire department from a neighbor's home. Do not go back into a burning building, no matter what! If you think someone is trapped inside, tell the fire fighters when they arrive.
For more information about fire tips and trainings, see the West Whiteland Township fire safety brochure (PDF).