The mission of West Whiteland Township is to provide high-quality, cost-effective local government services that prioritize safety, economic development and sustainability. To that end, the following goals have been established for 2017.

2018 Goals

Continually Improve West Whiteland's Quality of Place

  • Safe community, with low crime and attention to fire prevention
  • Well-maintained local roads, sewer system and storm water management infrastructure
  • Open space and recreation network to play, exercise, relax and learn in the outdoors
  • Zoning to maintain high quality residential neighborhoods
  • Pioneering recycling program to reduce waste and control costs
  • Professionally enforced codes to ensure safe buildings and attractive neighborhoods
  • Programming, events and historic preservation to build and support community identity

Promote Exton Crossroads as a Preferred Business Location

  • Zoning to encourage vibrant mixed-use redevelopment around Exton Crossroads
  • Development and construction regulations administered consistently and efficiently
  • Multi-modal transportation connections via roads, transit, trails, sidewalks and bike lanes
  • Attractively maintained streetscapes that welcome people and enhance safety
  • Expanded awareness of opportunities and improvements around Exton Crossroads

Effectively Administer Township Business Operations

  • Multi-faceted communications to inform residents and businesses
  • Sound financial planning to keep costs manageable and services reliable
  • Professional systems ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and grant requirements
  • Skilled staff, with appropriate resources, training and encouragement to meet high standards
  • Streamlined administrative, operating and financial processes
  • Resourceful shared services program to enhance services, reduce costs and save time