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Roads, Sewer & Stormwater

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Is it a State Road or a Township Road?

There are approximately forty miles of state-owned roads in West Whiteland Township that are maintained and plowed by PennDOT’s Chester County Maintenance Office.  Residents may call PennDOT at 484-340-3200 regarding problems on the state-owned roads.


There are a number of private roads throughout the Township, including various courts and terraces in many townhouse developments. West Whiteland Township does not maintain or plow privately-owned roads. Here is a list of private roads and Township roads.

Snow Removal
Snow removal is very important in West Whiteland Township from a safety standpoint.
Please click here for our snow removal process and winter reminders.
Please remember to clear the end of your driveway after the street is plowed from curb to curb, and please do not shovel, blow or plow into the street.
Sewer Issues 
Please click the links below for more information about sewer blockages or broken vent caps.

What to do if a traffic signal is not in operation....

A power outage may affect traffic signals throughout Chester County.  Instead of a green, yellow, or red signal, there may be an unlighted traffic control signal.  According to the PA Vehicle Code, Chapter 31, if a traffic signal is out of operation or not functioning properly, vehicular traffic "shall stop in the same manner as at a STOP sign, and the right to proceed shall be subject to the rules applicable after making a stop at a STOP sign."  In other words, a non-functioning signalized intersection becomes a 4-Way STOP.  So, the next time you come across a traffic signal that is not in operation ... S T O P!  It could save your life.  If you have questions, please contact the West Whiteland Police Department at 610-363-0200.



 Contact Us

For additional information or to report a road or sewer issue, please call 484-875-6020 or email


 Public Works Staff

Joseph P. Roscioli, P.E.
Director/Liaison to Municipal Services Commission
Brian Gordon
Assistant Director
Linda Cleaver
Administrative Assistant
Edward Culp
Facilities Superintendent
George Hook
Utility Division Superintendent
Harold Riegel
Road Division Superintendent
Denise Serino
Solid Waste Coordinator